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Combining our inspiration from the flawless design in nature with the technological and technical innovations we constantly follow, we refine our designs and create beautiful living spaces with a primary responsibility of preserving nature.

Karpol Group


Mining is the set of techniques and methods used to explore, extract, and process mineral deposits underground. Its main purpose is to provide economically valuable natural resources, such as ores, industrial minerals, coal, and petroleum.

It is an applied science developed to provide economically important minerals to industry in a rational manner.

Karpol Group


In order to create chemical substances, i.e. to purify them, it is generally necessary to adjust them outside of mixtures.

A chemical substance is composed of molecules, formula units, and atoms that have the closest characteristic properties to themselves. A general example of a chemical substance can be shown as the same proportions of water isolated from a river and water made in a laboratory using oxygen and hydrogen.

Karpol Group

Anyway Home Textile

We aim to introduce Turkish textile and accessory products to the world and in this direction, we are expanding both our product range and service area day by day.


Karpol Group

Anyway Deck Systems

Klassis aims to provide the ideal solution for deck systems that address all these issues. Although the lifespan of wooden products used in outdoor areas is limited, they also need to be protected at certain periodic intervals. High maintenance costs in the long run can be problematic for end-users, not just the initial cost of the wood.

As Klassis, we strive to offer the ideal solution for deck systems that address all of these issues.

Karpol Group

Architectural Services

The work, which started with different company names at different times and in different fields, continues with an amateur spirit and professional discipline.

Space and program requirements have turned urban living into a heterogeneous problem of needs and consumption throughout the day. Smart buildings, airless offices, speed, multicolored shells with multiple adjectives, highways turning into offices.